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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Yes, we are a fully equipped mobile detailing shop, so we go anywhere! (home, work, hanger, marine, etc.) as long as we have enough space to work around your vehicle we can work there.
We don’t currently have a shop for drop-offs or walk-ins. However, we partner with several businesses that have been willing to lend our company their workspaces, where we are able to perform select jobs in case you don’t have a place for us to work on your vehicle.

No, we don’t. We are a quality-oriented business, which means we make sure we take our time to achieve our costumers’ high standards, to ensure their complete satisfaction. We only deliver excellent results and we charge accordingly.

Each job has its own needs & challenges, that’s why we work with several professional-grade detailing products & tools from different national & international providers. From the more traditional ones to the newest releases, we are constantly improving our inventory to deliver only the best results.

We accept checks, cash, paypal, vemmo, cashapp, zelle, apple pay & credit cards (at 3%).

We provide online costumer service over the weekend, but our typical services are from monday to friday.

Usually, 1 or 2 weeks in advance. You can always call us during office hours and we can tell you when our soonest openings are.

We go to bluffton, hilton head, okatie, spring & callawasie island, pritchardville, hardeeville, ridgeland, beaufort, port royal, shell point, burton & laurel bay. Pretty much anywhere withing beaufort & jasper county, sc.

We have estimates & starting prices here on the website. But a specific quote will depend on what service you choose, the size and condition of each vehicle. For example: any excess of soiling, staining, scratching, pet hair, etc. Will be an extra charge.

For specific price ranges send pics of the exterior/interior of your vehicle, highlighting your specific needs, to our phone number or email (843-683-2819/jesus@luxdetailer.net) and we will get back to you with all the information.

Yes. Give us at least a 48 to 24 hr notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Same day or last-minute cancellations will result in a non-refundable $100 cancellation fee.

No, we don’t. Each job has specific needs which will result in various pricing.

Services questions

Waxing consists of applying a thin layer of car wax to painted surfaces for weather-protection & a wet-looking finish that usually lasts 3 to 5 motnhs.

Polishing consists of speed-buffing glass, metal or painted surfaces with finishing pads and polishes, to enhance its upper finish by removing light imperfections such as stains & scratches that have faded, discolored or clouded the original luster.

Compounding is just like polishing but using heavier cutting products, such as cutting pads and cutting compounds, which at a high speed and certain pressure they are able to remove deeper imperfections that regular polishing wouldn’t be able to remove. It is usually followed by polishing in order to remove any small scratches that compounding may leave behind.

Touchless spray sealent is a paint protection product that is applied onto the exterior of the vehicle right after it is washed and while it is still wet, to restore, maintain or enhance its hydrophobic feauteres (how well it repels water) used for better visibility under rain, to maintain it from gaining water-etching and keeping it clean for longer.

An all-in-one exterior detail is a combination of waxing, polishing and compounding the exterior of the vehicle in one single buffing step, instead of doing them separately. This service is a good option for those who want the results of those stages at a more affordable price.

Paint correction is a combination of different polishing and compounding techniques to restore and enhance the painted surface’s finish of your vehicle to its full potential. Through different polishers, pads and compounds, professional detailers are able to remove light scratches, swirls and other imperfections in order to achieve a flawless finish.

A one-stage paint correction aims to remove the most imperfections on the clear coat (paint upper layer) without leaving any small scratches behind in one buffing pass. Generally, it removes up to 50%-60% of existing imperfections.

A two-stage paint correction consists of two buffing passes. The first one would be the “heavy-cutting stage” which will remove up to 80% of existing imperfections without damaging the finish. Then, the second stage, which would be the “finishing stage” and it consists of removing the small scratches the first step left behind. Thus, left with the showroom-finish this process is known for.

Ceramic coating is a paint protection product known for its longevity, protecting the vehicle from micro-scratching, enhancing the depth of the paint & leaving wet-like shine. In simple terms, it is like “liquid glass” that is applied in sections, then buffed and leveled by hand, leaving a very thin layer behind, that, after a curing period of 24 hours, it stays there permanently for about 3 to 5 years. Some of them last up to 10 years. The only way to remove it after it has cured is by wet-sanding the surface which makes this paint protecting product one of the best in the market.

Not necessarily. We have a big tent canopy for small/midsize vehicles and projects, allowing us to work under light rain, sun and protect from debris. However, we prefer working under a controled enviroment to be more comfortable while performing the job, so if you don’t have a garage, we can arrange for a garage from one of our business partners in the area and work from there.

If the vehicle is being coated with ceramic, we willl need to keep it inside a garage or completely covered away from water for at least 24 hours to ensure proper bonding and performance.

PPF comes in two finishes: shiny and matte. They are transparent plastic wraps that are cut and applied onto painted surfaces, glass, headlights and other surfaces of the vehicle to protect it from rocks, chips, bugs, stains, scratches, etc. Preserving its finish for a long time. Their longevity depends on the care they receive, but generally speaking it can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years with proper care.

We do wet washing (regular water and soap washing) and dry washing (rinseless wash), depending on the condition of the aircraft and the preference of the costumer.

All of them work and will make your vehicle look amazing. It depends on what your specific goals are and your budget.

If your car is ceramic coated or has ppf you don’t have to wax it, just to properly wash and dry it as often as it seems necessary and to apply a maintenance product for your  coating or ppf.

If your car isn’t ceramic coated or wrapped with ppf, a rule of thumb is to wash & wax your vehicle at least once or twice a year. Some get their vehicles detailed once every three months to keep it clean and looking sharp on a regular basis. You can also join our monthly detailing membership for year-round shine and protection.