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Lux Detailer is the best destination for all RV owners searching for top-tier RV detailing services.

Our professional and dedicated detailers will work with you to ensure every unique request is met, no matter the type or size of your RV.

We specialize in exterior and interior detailing, paint correction, ceramic coatings, vinyl wraps and PPFs, providing you with an optimal finish that is sure to make your RV shine.

With our cutting-edge technology and techniques combined with years of experience and passion, we guarantee our clients an incomparable luxury service that will exceed expectations for your RV and motorhome detailing.


Getting your RV professionally detailed will enhance your motorhome’s appearance and will help protect its value.

Polishing and waxing your RV provides long lasting protection against the harmful effects of the environment and the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Whether you bought your RV recently or you have owned it for years, it may be due for a complete cleaning. Our team is ready to help.

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Only vehicles that have been detailed by us before, and are in “well maintained” condition qualify for RV detailing services Membership.